Tree of Life School

Located in El Chal, Guatemala, the Tree of Life School is a continually growing school. Twelve years ago we started accepting community children whose parents agreed to pay tuition and support the vision of the school, and since then it has grown steadily from 17 students to 215. New classrooms have been build, many teachers have been trained, and countless lives have been impacted by the love that can only come from Jesus. We trust that God will continue to water the seeds that have been planted in the hearts of these children through Christian education.


Every moment with my students are special. As they come into the classroom each morning and want to talk, there is never enough time to listen to them all. I have learned a lot of new things each day, and am so thankful for the opportunity to share God’s love, and influence the lives of my students by being good examples to them. There is a great need among us for people who really want to dedicate their time and energy into teaching. It is also one of the best jobs for personal growth of character. It will teach you better attitudes, fortify your patience, and you will learn to give and receive unconditional love.


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Meet the team


Cesar Vasquez

 Joined in 2018

Currently: Administrator 

Enma  Paz Cruz

Joined in 2007

Currently: Director 


Alex Guerra

Joined in 2015

Currently: Secretary




Maria Vasquez

Joined in 2013

Currently: Grade 1 Teacher



Douglas Vasquez

Joined in 2021

Currently: Grade 2 Teacher



Jose Lopez

Joined in 2018

Currently: Grade 3 Teacher

Neli Aragon

Joined in 2015

Currently: Grade 4 Teacher


Samuel Molina

Joined in 2014

Currently: Grade 5 Teacher



Ariel Molina

Joined in 2017

Currently: Grade 6 Teacher



Veronica Esquivel

Joined in 2015

Currently: Grade 8 Teacher

Judith Lehman

Joined in 2006

Currently: Grade 9 Teacher


Jose Perez

Joined in 2020

Currently: Accounting Teacher



Vivian Bontrager

Joined in 2021

Currently: English Teacher



Oscar Guerra

Joined in 2018

Currently: Computer Teacher

Jose Morales

Joined in 2021

Currently: Support Teacher