Ways You Can Help

Get involved with the work God is doing through JBYM

» Bring your nursing career to the people of Guatemala where serving with honesty, kindness and love make it a place of hope and healing for many of the people who come through the clinic. Offer words of encouragement to the one burdened down with family stress, domestic abuse, or a difficult health diagnosis. You will have many opportunities to pray for these individuals and show them the Love of Jesus while providing for their physical needs.


» Invest your time, love, and energy into teaching and interacting with the many different children who come through the doors of the school. There are many young lives searching for security, and find great comfort in the school’s structured environment and the consistent love shown by the Christian teachers. They’re searching for something. Will you be the one to make a difference in their lives?


» If you would like the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of Guatemalan boys, you could serve with us as part of our ranch team. We have needs for big brothers to serve as counselors and house parents as well as domestic workers and other support staff. The structure we use is to provide the boys with families full of positive role models that can teach them values and skills for life. We do this while running a full-time farm with a dairy, cattle, chickens and sheep. Other activities include vehicle maintenance, carpentry and cabinetry. 



Pray that we can show the love of God to the physically and spiritually hurting people about us through the clinic, school, and ranch.

Work Teams

Groups of workers are always a blessing to our ministry. There are always maintenance projects as well as new construction projects. Please contact us if you are interested in organizing a work group.


Make a difference in the lives of many people! Your gift of money will help us with our operating costs, and in turn we can better meet the needs about us. All donations are tax deductible.

“The most satisfying thing about my job, is for me to watch the hardest questions being answered by a student as he begins to become self-confident in his abilities. The most difficult moments have been when I return from class feeling like I was not able to effectively teach my students, and instead feel I have simply confused them more. However, I have found that winning the hearts of children and young people, and helping to form them into Godly man and woman is an effective and fascinating way to complete the great commission.”


“My favourite activities in the clinic are preparing medicine, giving it to the patient, and explaining how to take the medicine. I am passionate about learning new things with the medications I work with. I also enjoy speaking to the different people who come to the clinic and watching the satisfaction of the patients, as they can buy medication at a fair price in order to relieve their illness.

We need people who are kind, compassionate, and patient, in order to explain to the patients how they should take their medicine. Sometimes they struggle to understand, or are not able to read. It is important that the nurse can put themselves in the place of the patients. Nurses also need to have a desire to work and provide excellent service. Ultimately it’s a job where we can teach others about Jesus and we can have the satisfaction of serving others.”


“I enjoy being able to spend time with my children and working alongside the boys. I am able to spend every day working and talking with the boys at the ranch including my own son. One of the difficult things about my job, is having something on my heart to share with the boys, but struggling to communicate effectively in Spanish. My job has taught me a lot about humility and how to enjoy the simple things in life. I think anyone would enjoy my job. I get to live in a country that is always warm, teaching people about Jesus!”