Here in Guatemala with a limited amount of paved roads, one can spend a considerable amount of time on a dirt road. Especially toward the end of rainy season, you aren’t going anywhere fast with earth bound transportation. The plane saves the missionaries time and expensive vehicle repair bills.

Around here a plane is a lot more then just a nice way to get around, although you can’t deny that it is far more convenient!

Providing efficient Transportation

EMERGENCY Medical Services:

Where time really makes a difference and at times can be of the essence, is the emergency and medical flights. Although they are not always followed through, there are regularly one or two medical flight requests a month. Instead of enduring a arduous 8 hour bus trip, patients can be transported from an ambulance in Flores to another ambulance waiting in Guatemala city in just under 1.5 hours!

In 2019 the plane logged 130 hours. Around 15 hours of that flight time was exclusively for emergency or medical flights.

JBYM Staff and Volunteers:

The goal is to make the most of our time and maximize efficiency when commuting between the mission base in El Chal and the JBYM boys ranch at La Anchura. As well as traveling to Guatemala city. For instance, driving to the ranch from the mission base takes upwards of 3 or 4 hours. By plane the same distance is easily covered in 20 minutes.

Another example is the drive to Guatemala city. From the mission it usually takes around 8 hours, but the flight time is just over an hour.

While JBYM staff are the primary users of the aviation program, it has already been an incredible blessing to various other visitors and missions.

Everet Good 

Mission Aviator

My main priority and job is being a pilot. This results in a fair amount of time setting up logistics and ensuring the plane is prepared for its next flight. Normally I am occupied with about 2 flights per week. In any other spare time, I’m busy with various projects around the mission.